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Tandem Flights

Normally we are ** Available April 17th - October 1st **
Join us in discovering the ultimate experience of flying and learn why Paragliding has become such a popular adventure sport in the last few years. 
Tandem flights are a method of experiencing flying on a paraglider without having the responsibility of flying the glider yourself. They are for the purposes of learning to paraglide but many people take them for pure fun. 
Boulder Paragliding Tandem flights are done with one of our certified USHPA tandem pilots. They all have years of experience flying all over the world. Flying in beautiful Boulder, Colorado will allow you to experience the magic of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.
Why Boulder Paragliding?
  • 16+ Years of World-Class Paragliding Experience
  • 12,000+ tandem paragliding flights combined between Mauricio and Julian without any incidents
  • USHPA certified tandem pilots with the most experience in the Boulder area
  • Flight instructions in fluent English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French
  • The best pictures and videos to capture your Paragliding adventure
  • Over 60 five-star reviews by real students and customers

Real Reviews By Real Customers

Boulder Paragliding Tandem Reviews

Important Info
Paragliding is a sport 100% dependent on weather conditions, we work with nature and your flight is not powered by an engine. For that reason, the duration of your flight will be highly dependent on the weather conditions.
Most flights last between 7 to 15 minutes, sometimes more depending on weather conditions.
We will meet at the Foothill Community Park in North Boulder, where we will prepare for our paragliding tandem flight and then head to the take-off. Please account for 90 minutes of your time to complete the activity. 
24-hour notice is required to book online. If you wish to book a tandem sooner, please text us at 720-369-3080 to check availability.
Good To Know
    • Weight limits: 60 lbs - 195 lbs
    • Age limits: None. Please note that minors (under 18 years old) MUST have a parent present to cosign the forms unless they arrange to meet us face to face in advance to sign the waivers and 30-day membership forms with the minor passenger
    • What to bring: water, comfortable running/hiking shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, and anything you would normally wear to go on a hike
    • Cancellation Policy: ALL TANDEM FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. You may reschedule your flight with a 48-hour notice. In the case of bad weather, we will reschedule with you.
    • Rescheduling: We may have to adjust the start date/time of your flight based on weather,availability  and scheduling restrictions
    • WE DO 6 FLIGHTS PER DAY, 2 AT THE TIME. 10:30am-12pm- 1:30pm
    • For the hike to get to the takeoff, you’ll  need to help your instructor carrying a backpack  of 20 lb. 
If you have any other questions please reach out to us via email info@boulderparagliding.com or via phone 720-369-3080 .
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