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Flying Is Our Passion

All About Us

About Us

Boulder Paragliding is based in breathtaking Boulder, Colorado. We are passionate about flying and we specialize in Paragliding tandem flights and Paragliding lessons. Our number one priority is safety. Our purpose is to bring the magic of paragliding to more people!

Our goal is to provide our students with professional paragliding instruction so that they are 100% ready to safely paraglide on their own.

We also boast one of the best tandem paragliding safety records in the industry! Boulder Paragliding has over 6,000 commercial tandem flights under our wings and ZERO incidents.

Our Teaching style

When it comes to lessons we are known by our conservative style when it comes to teaching and flying. We adapt to each student and personalize lessons so it fits their unique learning style and their current mental and physical conditions. We love to see the bond and collaboration our students are able to establish with their peers.

When we fly

We start flying in early May  and stop at the beginning the end of September, this is when weather conditions are most favorable for Paragliding.

Between November and March, we offer guided paragliding tours to all pilots who want to expand their skills and add more flying hours to their flight log. Some of the tours we offer during the winter are in Costa Rica, Nepal, South America, and Europe.

Our Story

After many years of living and working abroad as Professional Paragliding Instructor and Tandem Pilot in countries like  Himalayas -Nepal, Indonesia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Venezuela, Mauricio moved to Colorado in 2016.

When Mauri, first moved to Boulder he noticed a big opportunity to share the experience of flying with the local community and travelers visiting beautiful Boulder. That's when the idea of offering tandem flights and paragliding courses through Boulder Paragliding was born.

Our goal is to share the magic of flying and this sense of family and community with all our students and customers.

The Boulder Paragliding Team