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Learning to Fly

Paragliding Courses


Our flexible one-day intro class is perfect for people who want to dip their toes into Paragliding and discover what the sport is about before committing to taking the full course, investing in equipment, etc. It’s also a great gift idea!

Boulder Paragliding’s one-day intro class will take place in the afternoons on the training hill of The Foothills Community Park in North Boulder. 

What to expect during the course:

  • 3 hours of kiting practice and theory on the ground.
    • Intro to the equipment (backpack, glider, harness, etc)
    • Learn how to do a pre-flight check:
      • How to properly connect to the harness
      • How to check the glider and ensure there are no twists or tangles on your lines
      • How to connect your glider to your harness
    • Short tutorial video on forward launches
      • Your instructor will also demonstrate the forward launches and practice them by your side
    • Learn how to pack the glider after you finish
    • A short intro on weather and aerodynamics
    • Equipment rental is included. You only have to bring:
      • Running/hiking shoes with ankle support
      • Plenty of water
      • Sunscreen
      • Sunglasses
      • Comfortable and breathable clothing
    • Keep in mind that during this course, students will not fly solo.


    Note: We can’t guarantee you won’t get hooked after the 1-day intro class if that happens and you decide you want to start the full course, we’ve got you covered and we will apply a $447 discount towards the full course!   

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